Friday Favorites - January 31, 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello, and a happy Friday evening to you all! I still have a few (I think four) more CHA booths that I want to post before I wrap up coverage, but quite honestly the last couple of days have been more than a bit draining, so I may take tonight off of posting them and then finish up on Saturday and Sunday- we'll see. They'll definitely be finished before the weekend, though, and then I'll get back to a more sane level of posting.

I can't let Friday go by without posting a favorites roundup, though, and just like last week there are several Valentine's picks in the mix, with several more already picked out for next week, as well. Enjoy!

ff jan 31

From the top left:

  • Lisa Moorefield always has the most thoughtful posts, and her recent article on mood boards is no exception. 
  • This next pick may be a less universal one, but I've always loved the way edge-painting looked on business cards. I was very excited to see this tutorial at Oh Happy Day showing how to make the most fun, colorful edge stripes!
  • Elegance and Enchantment has rounded up a list of free fonts that are perfect for your Valentine's Day projects.
  • Elsie Larson at A Beautiful Mess wrote a guide to scrapbooking for beginners that's just fantastic.
  • Michelle Wooderson recently shared another peek into her Project Life planning process, this time showing the planning board she uses when laying out her pages.
  • Hostess with the Mostess has these adorable Valentine printables free on her site, and she also participated in a hop with several other bloggers who are also offering their own free designs.
  • Katie at Punk Projects has 6 tips for working with glitter.
  • I'm in love with this vacation photo book by Pink Ronnie, and in her post she explains her process in putting it together.
  • Free Valentine's printables abound this week, and Whisker Graphics has another set for you.

Sometimes Winter But Always Christmas - January 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A week or two ago I mentioned that I wanted to take some time out every month to work on some sort of Christmas crafts. Scrapbook pages, Christmas journals, decor projects- you name it! Every December I spend the month alternately collecting ideas for things I want to make and being too busy to make them, which is just sheer craziness! This year I'm going to spend lots of quiet, peaceful, un-rushed time playing with holiday projects in my craft room during January-November, and then in December I can sit back and just enjoy the season without pouting over things I wish I had time to do.



This month's project is one that I've been wanting to do since- oh, 2012? That was the year that all of the pretty color-spritzed bottle brush trees popped up on blogs, and I even went so far that year as to track down some green ones on clearance at JoAnn and bleach them (because, alas, I couldn't find any white/natural colored ones). They've been in a box in the attic ever since, though- or at least they were until this week when I finally pulled them out to work on them.

There are lots of tutorials out there for how to color these cute little trees, so I won't try to reinvent the wheel and will just direct you to one of my three favorites for the step-by-step:
  • Dear Lizzy (Elizabeth Kartchner) - This was the first blog I spotted them on, and Lizzy started out with white trees by Tim Holtz and used Distress Ink refills to make her color sprays.
  • A Beautiful Mess (Elsie Larson) - Like me, Elsie's guest blogger, Laura Gummerman, used green trees and bleached them white, and she uses fabric dye to color them. Her tip for using a brush to fluff them back up after they dry is fabulous. They definitely turn out looking more shabby this way, but I kind of dig that vintage, worn look.
  • Kim Jefress - Kim's fun trees also started with the white version by Tim Holtz, and she used Heidi Swapp's Color Shine.
I wasn't really sure which colors I wanted to use for my trees in December, so I'm actually glad I waited until now. It gave me the chance to find this pair of vintage-style Christmas signs (on clearance at HomeGoods in early January, baby!)...


...and I decided to spray a few trees to match each. I'm thinking I'll use them to set up little vignettes around the house next year.



As I was spraying, I also got the idea to color some of the trees for different holidays- who says trees are just for Christmas, especially when they are so bright and colorful! I already had pink and purple trees to go with one of the signs, so I added in a lighter pink for Valentine's as well as some silver and gold metallic (using Heidi Swapp's Gold mist and Studio Calico's Silver) that will mix for lots of holidays. The gold in particular will work well for St. Patrick's Day with some green trees, and now I'm thinking of actually getting a few more to color in yellow and orange for Halloween. And how cute would navy blue, silver, and red trees be for Independence Day? Yes, I could go a little nuts with this!



This is one of those projects that looks easy- and really it is, but it's also very, very messy! I have a kit video to finish filming for Citrus Twist later this week, and I'm afraid I may have purplish hands for part of it. :) A few things I noted while making these:
  • I used a lot of mist making these puppies. I may have just been overdoing it, but I detected a noticeable drop in the liquid level in each mist bottle that I used. Since I'm on a quest to use up lots of supplies this year, that doesn't worry me one bit, but there are definitely less expensive color mediums that you can use if cost is an issue. I didn't try it, but my DIY mists from acrylic paint might work well, too.
  • Two out of every three of my mist bottles clogged and had to have the spray nozzle cleaned before they would work properly. This actually happens a lot in my regular scrapbooking projects, too, and is a total pet peeve of mine. 
  • If your trees have plastic bases, wipe the bases off before the mist dries. Once it's hardened, it's a pickle to rub off!
I may have sounded like I was complaining a bit there, but really I did enjoy this project. Likewise, I'm glad it's finished!! :)


So, that's Christmas craft #1 of 2014 down! I'm kind of feeling the urge to work on some of my past Christmas journals or maybe start on 2014's base, so that will likely be February's project.

And now it's your turn! If you're Christmas crafting along with me this year, I've opened up a Flickr group here to share ideas and blog posts! Simply upload a photo of whatever you're working on and, if you blogged about it as well, leave a link to your post in the photo description so we can check it out! 

We R Memory Keepers - CHA Winter 2014

New Releases: Flower Punch Board, Metallic albums + washi tape, Instagram Made Easy, Sew Easy Templates, Stackable Washi Tape Dispenser, Evolution Advanced. Teresa Collins Albums Made Easy collections. Jet Set, Farmers Market, Indian Summer, Inked Rose, Sheer Metallic, Game Day collections.

Estimated Shipping Dates:

  • January 2014 - Game Day, Instagram Albums Made Easy (select pieces shipping in March)
  • February 2014- Stackable Washi Tape Dispenser, Sheer Metallic
  • March 2014 - Inked Rose
  • April 2014 - Jet Set, Flower Punch Board
  • May 2014 - Farmers Market
  • June 2014 - Indian Summer
  • Early Spring- Sew Easy Templates
  • Summer- Evolution Advanced

Noteworthy: We R Memory Keepers had an absolutely massive release! I'm especially smitten with the new Instagram Albums Made Easy cards and the Inked Rose collection.

A few photos from the We R Memory Keepers booth are included below, and you'll find lots more in my We R Memory Keepers set on Flickr.












For additional photos, check out my Flickr set from the We R Memory Keepers booth at CHA Winter 2014.

You can shop for Chic Tags products at, Simon Says Stamp, and Two Peas in a Bucket.

Fancy Pants Designs - CHA Winter 2014


New Releases: As You Wish, Be Different, and Nautical Collections. Artist Edition embellishment additions.

Estimated Shipping Dates: TBD.

Noteworthy: The patchwork world map in the As You Wish collection is my favorite piece out of the whole booth! I also love the "Be Different" collection, both in design and in message.

A few photos from the Fancy Pants booth are included below, and you'll find lots more in my Fancy Pants set on Flickr.











For additional photos, check out my Flickr set from the Fancy Pants booth at CHA Winter 2014.

You can shop for Fancy Pants products at, Simon Says Stamp, and Two Peas in a Bucket.

Jillibean Soup - CHA Winter 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Releases: Sightseeing Stew, Birthday Bisque, Spicy Social Soup collections. Beanboard Thin Chip Alphas, Placemats, Mini Placemats, Wood Sprinkles, and Wood Nickels embellishments.

Estimated Shipping Dates: TBD.


A few photos from the Jillibean Soup booth are included below, and you'll find lots more in my Jillibean Soup set on Flickr.














For additional photos, check out my Flickr set from the Jillibean Soup booth at CHA Winter 2014.

You can shop for Jillibean Soup products at, Simon Says Stamp, and Two Peas in a Bucket.

Echo Park and Carta Bella - CHA Winter 2014

New Releases:
  • Echo Park- Getaway, That's My Boy, Summer Bliss, and Splendid Sunshine collections. Boys Rule Photo Freedom collection. Summer Adventure, Independence Day, Goal, Day at the Zoo, Grad, and My Life mini themes. 
  • Carta Bella- Baby Mine, Sew Lovely, and It's a Celebration collections.

Estimated Shipping Dates:
  • January 2014 - It's a Celebration
  • February 2014 - Splendid Sunshine, Sew Lovely, All Mini Themes, That's My Boy
  • March 2014 - Baby Mine, Summer Bliss, Getaway
  • April 2014 - Boys Rule Photo Freedom

Noteworthy: Echo Park and sister company Carta Bella shared a booth at CHA this year, so I'm combining all of their photos into one set and post. Designer Allison Kreft is back with Echo Park again this season with a new collection, Capture Life. The designs for Allison's collection are so new that Echo Park hadn't even narrowed down the choice of patterns before the show, so all designs shown in the photos may not be in the final collection.

A few photos from the Echo Park and Carta Bella booth are included below, and you'll find lots more in my Echo Park and Carta Bella set on Flickr.












For additional photos, check out my Flickr set from the Echo Park and Carta Bella booth at CHA Winter 2014.

You can shop for Echo Park and Carta Bella products at, Simon Says Stamp, and Two Peas in a Bucket.
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