lily bee layout | color challenge

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


There's a new challenge up at the Lily Bee blog this morning! Fellow design team member Anna-Maria came up with a dreamy color palette of pale blue, pale pink, mint, cyan, and cream, and this is the layout that I pulled together from those hues.


I chose to go with a beach theme on this page (the colors just screamed it to me!), so I pulled out one of my Aruba vacation photos and got to work. I love how the soft colors contrast the vibrant sunset on our last evening on Arashi beach before returning home. I know the photo on the layout looks dark on screen, but that's just an artifact of taking a photo-of-a-photo-on-a-scrapbook-page. In real life it has much better contrast and detail!


One of my favorite things about Lily Bee papers is how classic and timeless the patterns are, making it easy to mix several different collections together with ease. This page uses three different generations of Lily Bee paper- some from the just-released Persnickety collection, a little something from all four of the lines released at Winter CHA 2012 (Handmade, Double Dutch, Buttercup, and Victoria Park), and even two older lines, Head over Heels and Memorandum.


You can check out the other lovely projects by the design team and also enter the challenge yourself over at the Lily Bee blog.

This is totally unrelated, but I'm loving scrapping with the Olympics on in the background. Does anyone else think we need a permanent Olympics channel? There has to be thousands of hours of archived coverage out there- I'd love to have some of it available of older games to play 24/7. It would solve my "what to watch while scrapping" issues permanently!!

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project life | week 28 with basic grey's shine on

Monday, July 30, 2012

project life 2012 week 28.jpg

For this week's Project Life share, I decided to pull out my Week 28 photos (skipping around again) because they worked so well with one of the collections that I've had waiting off to the side to use in this album- Basic Grey's Shine On, which is available exclusively at JoAnn stores (along with its sister line, Serendipity).


Shine On is somewhat birthday themed, but not so much so that it won't work with everyday photos, too. My pictures for this week did include a birthday party, though since it was at a swimming pool and I picked one of the water photos to use you really can't tell- ha ha! I stuck a birthday hat chipboard piece on the photo, anyway, and it worked rather nicely.

This is another one of those weeks where all the cool stuff happened on the weekend. In fact, on this particular Saturday we drove up to the Tennessee Aquarium to take a little behind the scenes tour that included getting to help feed the fish in the saltwater tank- such a cool experience, and I'll have more photos of it to share later.


This week's spread is much more simple than many others that I've put together, and for good reason. This past weekend was insanely rushed for time as I prepared to go out of town for another week for a work assignment. I drove all day Sunday and only had time to scrap on Saturday in between rounds of cleaning the house and packing for my trip. I worked on this spread in short 15 minute sessions as I had time, and I probably only spent an hour or so total getting it ready. I love that some weeks can be all scrappy and intricate and others can be simple- the fact that each week has a similar format helps the album hang together as a whole no matter what supplies or style are used for each layout.

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geek girl | july 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh, my, what a weekend! I just finished an 8-hour drive to work out of town this coming week, but I wanted to make sure I got Geek Girl posted before I crashed for the night! I'm sure that this week will bring much Olympic geekiness for me (after all, I, the insane Olympics nut, have a hotel room complete with flat screen TV to myself for the next six nights), but if you're looking for more...well, geeky, geekiness, then these picks are just for you!


From the top left:

  • Lucasfilm and its many publishing partners are hosting a Star Wars Reads day on October 6, 2012. Check with your local library or bookstore to see if they're participating in the festivities- it'll be a great way to get your younglings hooked on the good stuff for life. :)
  • If you're already hooked on Star Wars lit, then you'll be happy to learn that there's a new book coming out that wraps up events after the big Fate of the Jedi arc. covers the details of the novel, announced at San Diego ComicCon, here, and Club Jade also posted a blurb here. You can find more about all things Star Wars that were announced at SDCC here.
  • Two great British traditions collide in this Doctor Who/Jane Austen mashup. Yes, I already have the t-shirt on order- it definitely fell into the "need" category!
  • I totally LOL'ed at this Han Solo vs. Mal Reynolds comic at Hijinks Ensue.
  • There are no words for this Millennium Falcon skirt, so I'm just going to link it up and let you have a look for yourself.
  • Yarnbombing was a completely new concept for me until I came across this post with photos of an amazing R2-D2 creation. Now I need to learn to knit, pronto!
  • Star Wars ships, steampunk, and Legos. What's not to love? Via Bit Rebels.
  • Tonight I've got two amazing home theaters to share, starting with this ultimate Star Wars screening room. Ummmm, I want!
  • And if Star Trek is more your style (hi, J!), then this Enterprise helm theater might be right up your alley.

indpendence 5k 2012 + fireworks photography

Saturday, July 28, 2012

So, the 2012 Independence 5K. I have to admit, I had nightmares about this race. Not that I didn't run well, but that I overslept or had the wrong time and missed it entirely. This run and Cotton Row are my favorites every year, and I'd be heartbroken if I missed either. I think I checked the start time and my phone alarm about a dozen times before going to sleep the night before the race!

The morning of the race started out hot and then just got hotter. Luckily running in the heat doesn't bother me, but I snapped a screenshot of the weather about 15 minutes before the race just for fun.


Last year both Jake and Michelle (my cousins) ran the race with me, but this time around Jake was busy working that morning, mowing the grounds at their church, so it was just Michelle and I. We love running together, though, so we happily found some shade and stretched out while we waited for the fun to begin,




independence 5k 2011 + 4th of july fireworks

No, that's not a typo- I did indeed mean to say 2011. You see, I have the photos from the 2012 run of the Independence 5K ready to post, but I never finished editing last year's and decided to get them finished first. Last year I didn't get the photos from my Dad's camera until several months after the event, and then one thing after another happened and I just never finished processing and posting them. Time to fix it now- hope you don't mind a double-dose of my personal photos this weekend!


The 2011 Independence 5K was something special. I'd run it for two years prior, but this year I was joined by my teenage cousins, Jake and Michelle, both of whom run on their high school cross country team. We were all pretty excited to run together, though you really can't tell by the look on Jake's face- ha!


These photos are from a mix of two cameras- Dad shot with his Canon, and I loaned my aunt Tina, Jake and Michelle's mom, my Nikon. It's really cool looking back now to see the two different perspectives.

As you can see, I'm nowhere near the start line- I'm not crazy enough to think I'll finish first! Michelle and I are back somewhere in the middle of the pack, but Jake...


friday favorites | july 27, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm so, so very happy that it's Friday, and an Olympic opening ceremonies Friday at that! I'm something of an Olympics nut- it's the only two weeks biennially that I spend as a sports-watching couch potato. We didn't actually have a TV signal in the house before the games (we don't have cable or satellite), but I scrambled this week to set up an HD antenna, IP-based tuner (that seems to be pretty rockin' now that I have the kinks worked out), and a whopping 3TB hard drive and DVR software to record all the athletic goodness in full-blown 1080p. My iMac isn't going to know what hit it!

I love technology...when it works. :)

If you're into more crafty stuff than sporty this weekend (though scrapping while watching the Olympics is an excellent combination), I've got some fun picks for you this week!


From the top left:

  • I fell in instant love with these pretty birthday party rosette ribbons by Laura Vegas. Such a cute, fun idea, and also a great way to use up any scraps you might have after a project!
  • Kinsey Wilson shares a tutorial for making this Instagram mini album at Studio Calico.
  • Also at Studio Calico, catch a glimpse of Shimelle Laine's scrappy space in her London flat. You might also want to check out Shimelle's fab photos from the opening ceremonies of the games here in her Flickr feed.
  • Natt Smith came up with the loveliest idea to inspire herself. She arranged several items that she wanted to craft with on a pretty doily and calls it her "inspiration lace." Isn't her photography awesome? You can check out the first project she created based on this collection, a glamorous card, here.
  • This Strawberry Shortcake dessert buffet on Amy Atlas' blog took me straight back to my childhood. Love!
  • I've recently become smitten with Janna Werner's lovely scrapping style. This calm, delicate layout is just one of my recent favorites of hers!
  • Carrie Elias shares a beautiful pre-made summer mini album, just waiting to be filled with photos and memories, at her blog, Blume and Grow.
  • Cocoa Daisy shares a great idea for organizing misting masks.
  • Check out this awesome beach-themed travel mini at Scrapbook Circle.

P.S. Have you heard that Pink Paislee is having a warehouse sale? You can catch all the details here.


pink paislee layout | hello poppy!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I dug straight back into the Portfolio collection for my latest assignment with Pink Paislee. These photos of my niece and Dad at my cousin's high school graduation were a great fit for the papers, and I'm happy to have this little story scrapped!


I also put together a huge post with lots of photos showing my process for assembling this layout step by step. It's up on the Pink Paislee blog right now, though I'll probably update this post in a week or so to include all that extra content (I want to let them have it for a while- it was for an assignment, after all!). Until then, you can hop over to this post to check it out!



new my mind's eye and echo park at two peas (with lots of woodgrain)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'll admit it, I've been shoppping. And I always feel better about shopping if I can enable others in the process, so I thought I'd share a few of my recent acquisitions from the new arrivals at Two Peas in a Bucket. Some of the new CHA lines are starting to trickle in already, and I'm determined to stick to the shopping list that I posted last week (in fact, I've already bumped a couple of things off of it!). I'm pretty happy, though, that some of my favorite wishlist items were the first to arrive in stock!

I was very excited to see Everyday Eclectic finally hitting Two Peas. This line wasn't technically a CHA Summer release since we've known it was coming for a while, but it was no less exciting to see Allison Kreft Abad's new line (she designed for Hambly Screen Prints before they shut down) finally show up in print. I'm especially enamored of the woodgrain and camera prints, though I did splurge and order the whole collection pack on this one.




My Mind's Eye's summer CHA mega-release, The Sweetest Thing, is also available in stores- mere days after the end of the trade show, no less! This line is filled with gorgeous papers- the floral print below reminds me of Sassafras, and of course I love that woodgrain, too- stamps (those doilies are amazing), and of course the washi tape and brads that we all love. I've linked up just a few of my favorites below, and you can see the whole collection here.





Two Peas has also started carrying washi tapes from Freckled Fawn, though these patterns hit the store after I'd already placed my order- grrr! That's okay, though- they're sitting in my cart, patiently waiting for my next order. The geeky math print is very Big Bang Theory, no? And the woodgrain...well, you know I love that, right?



According to UPS tracking my box should be here on Saturday. I'm not sure if I'll have time to make layouts before I go out of town next week, but you can be the new goodies will accompany me to the hotel for some after-work scrapping. If all goes well, I'll have some new projects with these pretties to share the week after next!
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