Geek Girl - February 9, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I have to start this week's Geek Girl off with a video clip that my Mom sent over to me a few days ago. I'd heard that Benedict Cumberbatch was scheduled to make an appearance on Sesame Street, but I wasn't sure when. I don't know if it's actually aired yet or not, but it's at least hit YouTube!!

::sigh:: Is it time for Series 4 of Sherlock yet? Can we please get this man to play Doctor Who?

Speaking of Doctor Who, a sparkly TARDIS leads off this week's picks, so allon-sy!

gg feb 9

From the top let:

  • For just $150 and a pair of heels or wedges of your choosing, Made By Bunny will make you your very own pair of sparkly Van Gogh style exploding TARDIS shoes.
  • The Etsy shop of 8 Bit Memory is full of awesome Nintendo cartridges that have been turned into external hard drive enclosures (with the drive included!).
  • This Star Wars inspired droid is completely motorized and built from Legos!
  • How adorable is this Minion cake by My Sweet Obsession? The eyes are absolutely perfect!
  • If you're a girl who's more comfortable in Tom's than in heels (that would totally be me), then you'll love these hand painted Han Solo and Chewbacca shoes by Change Your Fate.
  • We've already had a Minion and an astromech in this week's roundup, but we have the two combined, as well!
  • These amazing Star Wars nails are just one of many awesome geeky designs by JeeA Lee, featured on When Geeks Wed.
  • Lucasfilm has teamed up with rapper 50 Cent to design four new sets of headphones including Rebel Alliance, Imperial, Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett designs.
  • In other sounds news, Daleks made almost completely of speakers invaded the recent CES show.

I'll wrap things up with just one of the many video trailers that released during the Super Bowl last Sunday. Club Jade also has a roundup with all of them, along with the usual snark. I love the snark!

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