Worspace Wednesday - The Perfect Paint Shelves

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Please do not let the clean desktop in this photo fool you! I confess that I moved more than a few piles that were on it to the floor temporarily just so I could take this photo of my new paint shelves! I did not, however, change what was playing on my iMac- Stargate: SG-1 has been going almost nonstop in here for the last few months and has helped me get through the winter.


I say "new" shelves, but in reality I've had these two for a very, very long time. My parents made them when I brother and I were little, and when I was in grade school we each had one in our rooms to hold McDonald's Happy Meal toys and other small treasures. Eventually after college I inherited Jon's shelf and have had the pair ever since. For the last few years they've been in my attic, just waiting for the right use in this house, and when I spotted this post on Infarrantly Creative with that awesome tall paint shelf (she also has instructions should you wish to build something similar), I knew they would be perfect to house my collection of craft paints, spray mists, and another arts-y mediums.


Yes, I do realize that is an insane amount of Martha Stewart craft paint! I went a bit nuts one day when Michaels had it on sale for 30% off with an extra 25% off your entire purchase coupon going at the same time, making it well under a dollar a bottle. I do love painting with it and also use it to make DIY spray mists and my own watercolors, but I also think it just looks really pretty and consider it a practical part of the room's decor.


I also have my embossing powders and spray mists on these shelves, and I'm already using them more now that they're so accessible. The mists I will be glad to use up and get rid of since I have so much trouble with the nozzles getting clogged- ugh! The little mini-misters that I use to mix up my own color sprays seem to be a lot better about that, plus each color gets made in such tiny amounts that they get used up quickly, anyway.


Darren also recently hung that strip of pegboard that's hanging to the right of the desk, and I have some colorful ideas for what I want to do with it. As soon as it's done, I'll be sharing that in another Workspace Wednesday post!
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