Workspace Wednesday - Wrangling Kit Washi

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to another Workspace Wednesday! This week I have a little tip for storing the washi tape that comes in scrapbooking kits.


Normally I store my kits in 2.5 gallon zip-top bags once I've done scrapbooking my first round of layouts with them so I can pull them out later when I'm ready to use them again. I'm actually considering splitting most of my older kits up into my stash, but I haven't completely made up my mind about it yet.

One thing I'm not storing with the kits any longer? The washi tape that comes with them.


Washi tape is one part of a kit that I know I will never use up before I've completely killed a kit- there's just so much on a single roll! The rolls are also bulky and take up extra room in my kit storage baskets, so now, instead of storing them with the kits, I'm storing them on my pegboard with the rest of my tapes.

I do want to remember which washi tapes were sent with each kit, though, so, before separating them, I tear a little bit of tape off of each roll and adhere it to a shipping tag (I bought these in bulk from Amazon long ago) that I place in the bag with the kit. That way, when I pull the kit back out to use again, I can easily find the matching tapes in my washi stash. In the meantime, the rolls are out where they can be seen and used (and hopefully eventually used up) on other projects.


Workspace Wednesdays are inspired by Marcy Penner's post series, where she shares glimpses into her creative space and invites other crafters to do the same.
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