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Monday, October 15, 2012

I didn't spend all of Week 34, 2012 at Star Wars Celebration VI, but to look at my Project Life pages for the week you'd think that's how it went down. Actually, it was really the only thing I took pictures of the whole week, so I just went with those when it was time to make this page.

project life 2012 week 34.jpg

I took more than 2,000 photos while at the convention, and if I'd waited until they were all edited to choose the ones I wanted to use for this week's spread it would have taken ages to get done! Instead, I made it easy on myself and chose just two DSLR photos to use- one of my favorites from the con and also one of my hotel room- and the rest are Instagram photos from my iPhone. I had a good variety of images to choose from in my feed, and it made it so much easier on me to just use those. I'm busily printing up plenty of my DSLR photos to scrap on regular layouts, though, so they'll all get used eventually.


If you're thinking that something about this week's spread looks a bit different from my previous ones, you're absolutely right! I got bored (bored, bored, bored!!) with doing a "title card" for each week and decided to do away with them from now on. I like that it leaves me extra room for photos, and I can still easily include the beginning and ending dates for the week by using a library date stamp to stick them somewhere on my page. It's kind of like a scavenger hunt each week to find them, and I love that I can now use that extra 4x6 slot for more photos.

I'll probably still include a title card for my 2011 album spreads that I'm catching up on (I've skipped around a lot and already scrapped almost all of December in it, so it might be weird to have it disappear and then reappear at intervals throughout the album), but I reserve the right to leave it out there if I want, too!


Curious as to what this whole Project Life thing is about? Check out Becky Higgins' blog for more details and to see a super cute video that explains it all. You can shop for Project Life products here on Amazon

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