geek girl | december 2, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Sunday, geeklings! Around the house it's been all about Christmas- the tree went up yesterday and will be decorated this evening. Of course my Star Wars ornaments will be making an appearance alongside the more traditional baubles, and Christmas is starting to sneak into the geeky picks, as well!



From the top left:

  • Bit Rebels takes a moment to ponder what the business cards of various Star Wars characters might look like.
  • Deck the halls with TARDIS and Dalek! Okay, so maybe these glass ornaments from Think Geek will only deck your tree, but they're still rather...fantastic!
  • Star Trek fans can rest easy now that Picard and Data have been immortalized in Pez dispenser format, available in a limited edition run at Think Geek. J, I know what you're thinking...
  • I told you that Nerdache would be making many more appearances here on Geek Girl, and she's back with not one but two entries this week! This first is this epic 8-bit Legend of Zelda cookie set...
  • ...and the second is this amazing pair of 11th Doctor and TARDIS cupcakes.
  • These Star Wars Lego mosaics are amazing (and amazingly pricey). I think it's time to raid my brother's old Lego stash and see what I can dream up...
  • If the Doctor Who themed ornaments weren't your style, you might try this set of Yoda Christmas lights, also available at Think Geek.
  • My love of stickers (hey, it's where I got the scrapbooking bug from, I'm sure) has run straight into my love of Star Wars with this Angry Birds Star Wars sticker book, due out next Spring. With more than 1,000 stickers in the set, one of them might just have to come live with me.
  • And it seems like I can't do a Geek Girl post these days without a massive dose of cute. This week that massive cuteness comes in the micro-sized form of the tiniest little crochet animals ever. And there are Muppets in the mix, making it totally Geek Girl appropriate!

Oh, and have you seen the new Hoth levels for Angry Birds Star Wars? Sweet!

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